Timothy Edwards a.k.a. "Tim-Me", is an International Public Figure. Founder of 1Eternity Llc & Cannabis Saves Lives Apparel. Tim-Me debuted in 2012 & by 2014, Tim-Me released his first full length album “Still Growin: Cuts of Cannabis" & he was a part of the first cannabis themed radio show in Washington state, “Green Stream”. You can find his music on iTunes. He has performed and made music with nationally recognized artists at globally respected venues and performed at festivals such as HEMPFEST (Seattle, Boise, Las Vegas, Olympia, Oregon and Oklahoma), along with doing his own national cannabis saves lives tour 2016–2018.

You can follow Tim-Me on:

Instagram: Tim_Me_253
YouTube: the true Tim Me
Facebook: timmeinc
For More information contact: TheTrueTimMe@gmail.com