About Us:

Hi-Tunes Distribution is leveraging digital technology to create innovative distribution channels linking artists with a vast array of marketable products.  By embedding their music into a multitude of consumer purchases,  Hi-Tunes is providing musical artists with new revenue streams generated from their music sales and greater ability to target specific audience/demographic segments while gaining valuable insights into consumption behavior and market dynamics. 

As our founder, Scott McKinley, states, “Music used to sell sheet music, Records sold record players, CD’s sold CD players, digital music sold MP3 players, music has nothing left to sell." Countless disputes have been raised with the recent changes in music, as the industry takes new directions in getting music to the consumer, there is now a need for a new way to distribute music and allow artists to move beyond music and connect multiple points of revenue.
Welcome to Hi Tunes Music Distribution, where music is everywhere.


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