Named for the ever-present energy that is bursting through everything, Zero Point is the loud and fast innovative rock-electro project of Seattle based DJ/producer Brock Wilmer. 

A Dallas native, Brock has been crunchin beats since 2012, and during this time has collaborated with other Seattle area artists to produce hip-hop, rock and EDM tracks. In addition to production, Zero Point has also gained footing in the Seattle electronic music scene playing exclusive events such as the Hempfest 2013 after-party, HighTimes Cannibus Cup, Canna Con, and Hempfest '16.Back in 2014 he secured a resident DJ
position at LUXE nightclub. His experience with engineering and the aeronautics industry provide him with the attention to detail and precision to not just compose but truly craft music to move and inspire you.

By combining rock with electronic dance music Zero Point aims to galvanize
as well as infuse spirit and joy in today’s dance scene, creating music that
helps us find synchronicity and resonate in harmony with one another.