TranKQuiLL was formed in August of 2012 from the brain of J.C. Miller. Whom has been trying to bring this project to life ever since 2004 with other names such as "Section 8', "Hated By All" and "Misled Youth" Finally settling on TranKQuiLL after jamming one night with his friend under the influences of LSD. Miller and company were trying to figure out a way to describe the way the substance and music had them feeling at the time and just like Eddie V. getting Pearl Jams name from a Tree while tripping on Mushrooms. A Friend looked over at Miller and said that listening to this music high as a kite had him feeling Tranquilized. Then it hit Miller in the face like a ton of bricks. TranKQuiLL that is the way that everyone was feeling and a feeling he wished he could show the whole world how to feel so that is how J.C. finally decided that the project would indeed be titled TranKQuiLL. J.C. Miller being born in Jacksonville FL in 1988. shortly moved to Brunswick GA after his mother went to work one day and told her coworker that she needed to take the day off and spend time with her children that she had been working way to much and needed to be a mother and not a worker. Coming home to find her two children brutally murdered because of an inmate escaping an Asylum and breaking into her home and having his way with the unsuspecting children. It was on that note that J.C.'s parents decided to move up north to Brunswick because it was quite little town and they remained there until J.C. lost his mother to Breast Cancer in Oct 01. Living months without power J.C. his brother and father would usually eat Top Ramon because that is all that they could afford for the most part heating water on an open fire just to take bathes and wash their clothes. This carried on Moving from one broken home to another until J.C. at the age of 18 finally lost his father due to a broken heart and alcoholism. Not knowing what to do and having nowhere to go. J.C. ended up being homeless for many of years. Trying to make an attempt to live with family that wasn't in his life for the most part and hardly knew. Things would never work out and J.C. would end back out on the streets. through it all J.C. would continuously write poetry and songs about his life and what he was going through or how he felt he should deal with the outcome. Still to this day he says that it was music and the Good Lord up above that got him through everything. Meeting Yoshi Gish in 2008 during one of his failed attempts to live with family. J.C. and Yoshi instantly kick it off. With J.C. serving a short stent in Yoshi's band Yoshi Gish as a back up guitarist. Yet again due to personal issues J.C. had to leave and it was back to being homeless in a state he couldn't seem to keep out of his life. After many years of struggling with addiction and personal demons. It was that friend from long ago Yoshi Gish that came and picked J.C. up before he would O.D. again or something much worse happen. Letting J.C. stay in his studio kinda giving him time to sober up and reflect on life. This is when and where J.C. would start putting together out of scraps of poetry he written or previous songs he scrapped. Finally starting to get a decent set list of songs under his belt. J.C. and Yoshi teamed up with Yoshi Gish's and then Virginia Rose Band's Drummer Ryan Dutton. Thus finally forming TranKQuiLL in Aug of 2012. After playing a string of show through out the Tampa bay Saint Petersburg area. The strain of being in three bands began to be too much for Yoshi and he left the band with his bassist Kalin Illiev stepping in to fill the role of bassist for TranKQuiLL. Performing original songs such as "Misled Youth","The Journey", "Call It What You Want" and "Unknown" along with covering songs like Lil Wayne's "Blunt Blowin" "Sorry 4 The Wait" Cee Lo Greens "Fuck You", " Tupac "Staring at the world through my rear view" along with covering a lot of Nirvana, Seether, Sick Puppies and even some Bo burnham songs. The band quickly became a force to mess with in the Tampa bay Music Scene. Now writing new songs and playing with Major acts like Bobaflex and Sick Puppies and having offers to play with The Meat Puppets, Non Point, Future Leaders of the World and John LeCompts band NoMara. J.C. and TranKQuiLL started to get national attention. Bringing them to record with the likes of John LeCompt of Evanescence and Robert Lang of Robert Lang Studio's. Then in 2016 the band decided they were going down different paths in life leaving J.C. on his own moving out to WA State to further his career in music and to reform TranKQuiLL and hit the masses by storm with their track "A Precious Waste of Time".