What do you get when you team an M.C. who sites his biggest influences as Jimi Hendrix, and Run DMC with a DJ/vocalist who sites his biggest influences as David Bowie, and Peter Gabriel?

Don’t answer yet, first sprinkle it with a host of diverse production, and you have…”Therapy”; the debut full-length c.d from Alternative, Hip-Hop act “The Rush Project”.

T.R.P as they are also known, is the duo comprised of Rush Rydah, and DJ Communion.

Rush Rydah aka veteran performer Darcel Perkins got his start backing up acts such as P.O.S., Attitude Adjuster, and The Elite. Perkins was also involved with early Rap/Rock act, The Phat Kids along with Thomas “T-Gun” Townsend.

Perkins further honed his performance, and mic skills, while traveling on many national tours with Northwest legend, and Grammy winner Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Communion aka Dmitri Antos started out in music as guitarist/singer songwriter for electro-industrial group “Pale”. Fundamentally, Antos describes himself as an Electronica DJ, classically trained vocalist and composer.

The diverse influences of T.R.P shine throughout this release. With Rush Rydah, and Communion sharing vocal duties, the two take the listener through series of emotional peaks and valleys, reminiscent of a well-scored movie soundtrack.

The combination of heavy slap hip-hop and wicked techno leap from the speakers in the correctly titled “Stomp”. Other stand out tracks include “Red-light Velvet” a mellowed out acid jazz like tune produced by PUSA’s Chris Ballew, and the 60’s beach party inspired “No Surprise”.

What is truly no surprise is that this group hails from the city of Seattle, a town that has been supplying the music world with something new to chew on consistently for decades. “Adrenaline" features guest appearances from Outtasite, Jane Collymore, Ced da Savage, Delesha Lewis, and Spunk.

Upon first listen, it is obvious that The Rush Project does not make music for shortsighted critics, or listeners who are not looking for something new. For everyone else “Adrenaline” may remain in your rotation for sometime to come.