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Riverpool was formed by guitarist Justin Ankenman and vocalist Carey Thomas in 2006. Drummer Matt Arnits joined in early 2007 and Bassist Ian Wengs came to the band in 2010. 
"...Riverpool brings to life a melodic, heavy groove separating their sound from the masses and bridges the gap between Metal and Rock." Chris Henn - CV NorthWest Magazine
    Riverpool's newest single "Hi/Lo" stays true to their unique sound but delivers a new heavy punch that's becoming a key component in their arsenal.
In 2008 they released their self-titled 12 song LP featuring the tracks "Laceration", "Rabbit Hole" and "Come and Gone".
In 2010 they released their single "Feel The Rain" digitally for download as well as their first music video.
In 2012 they released their 7 song EP Midnight Sun featuring "Feel The Rain", "Saint", and "Walls Coming Down".
In 2013 they released their 7 song EP Just A Dream featuring "Bury Me", "Masochist" and "Waste".
In 2017 they released the singles "Rising Star" and "Could You Wait" digitally for download as well as a music video for the track "Could You Wait".
In 2018 they released their single"Hi/Lo" digitally for download