Mikey J - MKYJ (Make Knowledge Your
Born Michael Jerome Hargraves Jr
March 13 1989
born and raised in Missouri City, Texas , just outside the
Houston city limits
Graduate of Willowridge High School, where the passion
behind the musical artistry began.
subtle variations of the Houston street culture, 90s boom -
bap, 70 soul, and smooth grunge flow only
lightly describes the chill "retro-future" sound that
Mikey J (MKYJ) delivers.
As one of the original members of the "Melodic Junkies"
alongside "R.A.B" & "DuDe" MKYJ boldly carries
a mantle for the stoner community with songs
like "Coughee Shoppe" & "Joy Rhighed" , which
debuts on the solo project “The Daily Leaf”
advocating marijuana.