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Born and raised in the evergreen marshlands of Everett Wa outside Seattle, MadShroom MC is the Executive Producer of the artist collective Black Magic Noize est. 09. The furious fungus is also a member/cofounder of the notorious beat crew Filthy Fingers United comprised of over 30+ producers from all over the country. When the pissed off portobello isn't writing raps or making beats, he's hosting a Freestyle Competition known as The Lyric League currently taking place at The Central Saloon. As an agitated amanita, pass times include wearing clothing by Concuss Creations, coughing Kush casually, and writing odes to cougars and Hulk Booty Princesses. The recently released #MURIKKKA EP can be found at madshroommc.com, and will be available on iTunes,spotify, and more. More information on MadShroom Mc and The Trip Rock Movement can be found at www.blackmagicnoize.com or madshroommc.com for booking email: madshroom206@gmail.com Trip Freely and Stay Filthy my friends.

Learn more at www.madshroommc.com