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Eleven tracks mark "You've Changed" like razorblade scars along your forearm. Angry, misunderstood, alternating between screaming 'til your throat is raw and brooding in a state of semi-coherent circular mindfuck, Sofa Glue is music to smash mirrors to. Sometimes tapping the manic, flailing energy slam pits had before the PC pussies came in and started being nice to each other, other times wailing away on a guitar riff that'd be rawk if these guys weren't so goddamned punk. If I were to compare Sofa Glue to scum rock or any crossover hardcore punk/thrash punk band it'd never stick. These guys don't worship Bad Religion, and for that I applaud them. They've got an honest sound, the kind fledgling bands hope for and arena bands strive to recapture - gritty and dirty without actually sounding cheap, crisp without acting like a fluorescent light showing warts and all. While You've Changed drags on a bit like an interesting conversation you slowly lose interest in, the beginning of the disc has the juice to nourish angry souls.

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