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Hailed from the great Tampa Bay, Together In Exile has fused together members of long time industry vets to create the devious rock n roll that is demanding attention from all four corners of the globe. Combining elements of metal, djent and hard rock, the band’s music dives into the darker side of the moral fabric that is considered “the norm”, while uniting its fanbase - DEVIANTS, outcasts, and the exiled - together for the common goal of old fashioned rebellion. TIE's songs are the battle hymns that drive the united forward and the truth telling, in your face and unapologetic lyrics are very weapons that will bring the opposed to their knees. The drug of choice?.. Melodies. Together In Exile released their debut album “Destroy Something Beautiful” in 2016. The heavily anticipated followup album, eponymously named “Declaration of Sindependence”, is preparing for its early 2018 release. You can also find them on Spotify, Pandora, and more.

Learn more at www.togetherinexile.com