Hailing from a city with a storied history of groundbreaking music, Ten Miles Wide strives to direct the Seattle rock sound into uncharted territory. Armed with an upbringing of groundbreaking music, the band is brimming with a passion to help resuscitate and advance the traditions brought on by the city's musical heroes. The goal is to genuinely and naturally recreate that magic and push it forward, all while staying unique and avoiding direct imitation. Galvanized by a decade's worth of experiences in their hometown music scene since their late teens, the band members have seen the excitement grow since they began as "The Mothership" in 2011. Due to changes and personnel in late 2014, a re-brand was imminent, and the band named themselves after their debut (The Mothership) album in order to maintain connection with their previous works. Ten Miles Wide officially began in 2015 as a trio (John Beckman - vocals & guitars, Ryan Thornes - bass, Will Andrews - drums), and the band instantly sidestepped back into their routine, and continued to push forward with increased focus. Longtime friend Jake Carden (guitars) completed the lineup in 2016. The band released their debut album "The Gross" (with songs produced by Jack Endino and Derek Moree) to a crowd of more than 500 at Neumos in Seattle on July 16th, 2016. See Ten Miles Wide on tour in the West coast in 2017. 

Learn more at www.tenmileswideband.com