Hi-Tunes Tube Art - Eight and a Quarter.jpg

Musically speaking 8x
I’m breaking every rule on this one
You got that shit fired up yet?
I can’t even smoke my own cone!

Id like, id like, id like, id like 2
Id like, id like2, id like, id like 2

I like to get loud, like 8 times a day!
Weather its pink or green, I hit all the same!
I like twist it up tight, whUt can I say?
You can do the math its 2 times 4 and an 1/8th.
I like to fire it up, or burn it down in flames?
Smokin phoenix’s ashes, risen up, everyday!
Id like 2, as soon as, I get out that way?!?  
A cone in each hand, blowin smoke all day!  
I'm down to my last quarter, and I, ain't fukin kiddin
I like my pot pretty, just like I like my woman, 
It’s all the same juice, and I wanna go swimmin!
I only like the best, no exceptions given.

I've never dun a song about pot before
Since my point of origin, is not, conducive for
Distribution of marijuana thru, legal stores
With a QR code so that you can download more
I really find it, completely hilarious and, totally ironic, 
That how I got sober, you asked?, it was the chronic.
If my message don’t relate, that’s cuz it’s subsonic.
You must not be high enough, or didn’t get hooked on the pharmics.
One more verse! So here's 2!

One for after work! And with your morning brew!
Id be totally stoked! If I only sold 2!
Just save one for me! And this ones for you!
Rollin me in cones, you know I’ll put that ass to sleep.
And then you add in, the right amount of keif.
I’m eight and a quarter, its time for some relief.
I only support causes, donating all my proceeds to charities.

electroooo, gruuuuunge, hop, baaaaby! 

Up here on the mountain? we get that Tennessee blend, 
Homegrown and moonshine, yeah! Best in the biz
Sittin on the front porch, I pick and I grin its
I do it all alone, a solo grinder, I spin its
I never got to smoke a Cavi Cone, 
Now I’m droolin all over these hi tunes! They cum pre-rolled
You can pick out the band, you wanna take home?
Spark it up, hit play and off you go!

I like 2 get loud, like 8 times a day!
I get loud, 8 times a day!
I’m loud, so have a nice day!
Go get loud... the hitunes way

This next part comin up, is for the fans!
you get 8 bars, you can say whutever the fuk you want.
Are you ready?
Ready, Set, Go!

I like, id like 2, id like, id like 2  
I like, id like 2, id like 2, id like, id like 2

I got 20 seconds to kill, so i'ma do a quick one.
The first one should be burnt, now whip out the second one and git sum.
I’m glad I can help Yoshi Gish, he’s my brother on a mission.
Gettin the world high through his music, you should listen!
It’s been 20 years since, and I only bet my money on long shots.
And what I’ve learned through it all is that, you should never ever, ever stop!
Cuz when their jaw’s hit the floor, it’s really hard to say whUt?
You wanna jump in the pit? Mutha fuker! Throw your horns up!