Southern Groove Thrash Metal, Final Drive, a heavy metal band from St. Louis, Missouri, delivering fast-paced, high-energy, infectious auditory assault. If you like Pantera, Clutch, Slayer & AC/DC, you should love Final Drive. A singular focus on getting asses out of seats, Final Drive brings to the stage an aggressive and precise attack of blunt force hell raisin' beer drinkin' Heavy Metal. After extensively touring on the DIY circuit and performing at over 200 venues Final Drive is a live experience you do not want to miss. “DIG DEEPER” Final Drive's latest effort, independently released on Feb 3rd, 2017, debut at #12 on the Billboard Heatseekers (album) charts, represents the hard work, dedication, sacrifice, belief and focus on the future of Final Drive. On their new studio album, Final Drive took new approaches and new collaborations that have proven to yield some very powerful music. Tracks like "The Last Time" & "Life Decided" show the band making efforts in melody, while "Built to Break" and "This is How" solidify thrash elements and aggression. “We owe our fans this record, they made it happen, they supported us and it’s changed our abilities to present our music”. Declares Final Drive after DIG DEEPER was successfully funded by 127 badass fans on kickstarter. Rock N Roll Industries Magazine calls DIG DEEPER “An auditory assault of groove heavy thrash metal that drags you by the teeth and leaves you bruised, bloodied and exhilarated in its wake.” Metal Insider praises the release with highlights of the newest single “The Last Time” as “Equally thrashy and melodic, it reminds us of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal just before metalcore got oversaturated. Heavy, but with a melodic chorus, it’s catchy enough to be stuck in your head before the song’s even finished.” Shockwave Magazine insists “If this album doesn’t inspire you to get up off your ass and thrash around, nothing will!” “DIG DEEPER” is available now, and features 10 tracks of blistering st.louis misery heavy metal noise. Produced by Charlie Bellmore (Jasta, Kingdom of Sorrow), mixed by Nicky Bellmore (Dexters Lab Studio, Toxic Holocaust), and mastered by Zuess (Hatebreed, Rob Zombie). "The Last Time (video) "This Is How" (video) "Built to Break" (video) are just a few examples of why Final Drive Will Hook You Harder Than the Candyman.

Learn more at www.finaldrive.org